I’m Theresa V. Wilson, author of When Your Normal Is Upset: Living Secure in Uncertain Times, The Writer’s Guide to Achieving Success: A Workbook for Implementing the Plan, and my latest release Reaching, Searching, and Seeking: Letting the Spirit Lead book and audio CD. In addition to providing work that is encouraging and supportive, I want you to browse the various sections as this is a place where you can find information about how to become a published writer.

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Yes, I Need A Writing Coach!

“The Writer’s Guide to Achieving Success: Implementing the Plan encourages those who aspire to write by not only following appropriate tools, tips, and strategies but to also connect implementation techniques with listening and communicating with God, the Source of ideas.”

Author/Speaker Bishop Noel Jones, Noel Jones Ministries

“This book will inspire you to use the gift of creative communication that you have been blessed with. If your dream is to become a successful writer, you will learn how to make that dream come true. As author of 34 books, I learned some new techniques that will help me move forward on my writing journey.”

Author/Speaker John Riddle Founder, Delaware Christian Writers Conference

“Most of us have a story to tell; sadly very few of us take the time to tell it. Further we view writing as something far beyond our capabilities-I know this personally to be true because for me that was the case before I finally dared to believe I could pen an inspirational devotional, eventually entitled “Spiritual Vitamins.” With that in mind I applaud the efforts of Theresa, not only does this work portray a sensitivity to the dilemma of many would be writers but also addresses the need to “Implement a Plan.” She has articulated with great clarity the steps necessary to ensure would be writers are afforded the opportunity to maximize their effort. I believe this work will encourage many to see capturing their thoughts to print as being achievable.”

Pastor Lee Michaels, Heaven 600

“I am impressed with this work. I particularly like the way Theresa methodically instructs the writer along the steps to writing. The subtle reminder that “Writers Write” comes through time after time. The chapter on The 500 Word Freedom Write is worth the price of the book alone!”

Gus Henne