Journaling – A Writers’ Tool

Responding to Preparation Challenges.

One of the major areas of attack when preparing to write is addressing and adjusting to the variety of environmental, physical, and emotional distractions you may encounter. It may seem easier to thread a needle with a camel than achieving the goal of completing that perfect draft. Frustration is often magnified if, instead of stepping back from the situation, you push creating additional pressure to perform and complete the task. Sometimes it is best to enter the arena of “free flow writing” by journaling your thoughts.

Journaling provides an opportunity for you to release feelings and emotions about a particular topic or situation without the burden of perfecting a task. Journaling does not require lengthy preparation or formal training. It does require you to make a commitment and spend quiet time for “self”-away from others. The process of journaling includes reflection and clearing the mental clutter that inhibits creativity when writing in a more formal setting. Journaling about what you are feeling and experiencing during those writers’ block moments can do one of several things:

-It can help relieve stress from environmental issues that may distract and inhibit the creative flow
-It can help you refocus and re-purpose writing strategies
-It can Enable you to identify areas that need improving or problems to should be addressed
-It provides an outlet to freely express concerns, challenges, and fears
-It can provide a source of themes for future writing

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