The Perils of Self Editing

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As writers we are often so close to our work that, when composing, what's in our "mind's eye" may note be grammatically correct when put on paper. Be careful not to budget in the wrong area. Professional editing is important. Your role, in the editing process, is to ensure your message isn't "lost in translation."

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Do you want to be interviewed on International Radio?

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International Radio Program is seeking authors to interview. I participated in one of their programs and found it a great opportunity to connect and share my ideas and books. If interested, please use the "contact me" form, providing the name of your book. I will respond with producer contact information. For a sample preview of how the interview is done, feel free to visit my "Moving From Vision to Print" podcast at

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Sample Blog

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The 500 Word Freedom Write: Tools, Tips, Strategies for New Writers

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Most writers are readers first, whether historical, research, romantic mystery or spiritually focused.  Many well-versed writers either read extensively or have experienced challenges because varied in-depth, life-changing venues.  Remember, your best writing already is “in” you. Let’s talk about how to put those thoughts on paper.  First, take time to discover what inspires you: Are You A Romantic?  We all have that special someone—first love, new love, unforgettable moments or situations that strengthened a love relationship.  Most important here is to write straight from the heart, making each scene as real for the reader as it was for you. Do You Love To Travel?  Don’t consider taking that next trip without a pad, pen or tape recorder.  You don’t have to write the perfect copy from the hotel or cruise ship, but become more [...]

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Writing Your Vision and Making it Plain: Dare to Dream

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WRITING YOUR VISION AND MAKING IT PLAIN: DARE TO DREAM   A vision statement is a view of your desired future for your writing. It is putting in writing what inspires you to accomplish the completed work. Establish a sense of direction. Your vision statement provides a destination for your writing which enables you to develop the direction you will take to get there. Start by dreaming. Let your mind expand the horizons of what you can do. Where do you see your writing five years from now? What will it look like? Who will be reading your work? What impact will it make? How wide is your audience? Be Bold, Dare to Dream. Form a mental picture of your completed work. Imagine that you are being interviewed by Publisher’s Weekly. What will [...]

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