• REACHING, SEARCHING, And SEEKING: Letting the Spirit Lead is a reflective view of a combination of real life situations we can experience while growing in the power of who we are in Christ. We should never let any one specific situation, relationship, or predicament dictate the outcomes of our lives. We are always at choice and should, therefore, maintain a position of openness to grow, learn, and change while never losing sight of who we are and whose we are. These poems speak to ways we can reinforce these facts by taking a spiritual journey away from the noise to refresh and renew. Also Available On:
  • The Writer's Guide to Achieving Success provides a unique opportunity to actively participate in a "self-paced"step by step process leading to success as writers. Writing success depends on your willingness to let go of what you think you know about writing and be open to unique strategies developed to produce work that will be remarkably different from other writers. Topics include how to create an audio book, creating your social media presence, and how to submit work for publication. Also Available On:
  • No matter who you are, it only takes one physical, emotional, or financial issue to disrupt your peace turning your world upside down. Loss of jobs, homes, physical illness, personal and family trauma or natural disasters all create an atmosphere that can "upset your normal". Also Available On: