• Ever wonder what really happened behind the proverbial scenes with those infamous women who became wives of some the most noteworthy men in the bible? 

    • How explosive was a relationship when one sister snares a fiancée and marries him based on a major deception? And to add further drama, it all takes place in a way that the groom in question doesn’t have a clue until their wedding night. Imagine having to live in the same house after such a ruse had been pulled off, only to end up in a battle of the wives.
    • What about the wife who had to move pack up everything and leave an affluent lifestyle on a moment’s notice, simply based on something her husband “heard?” Then imagine having to share that same husband with another woman only to hear her taunts about the fact that she can do something the wife cannot?
    • What was life as a military kid, then forced into become a military wife of an ambitious officer really like for Bathsheba before meeting King David, the love of her life?
    • And, how about Sapphira, the woman “who stood by her man” until death, all because of one lie. Sometimes marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    The Real Housewives of the Bible is a punchline thunderbolt, an awakening to the fact that wives are truly the story behind the story.   Also available on:

  • REACHING, SEARCHING, And SEEKING: Letting the Spirit Lead is a reflective view of a combination of real life situations we can experience while growing in the power of who we are in Christ. We should never let any one specific situation, relationship, or predicament dictate the outcomes of our lives. We are always at choice and should, therefore, maintain a position of openness to grow, learn, and change while never losing sight of who we are and whose we are. These poems speak to ways we can reinforce these facts by taking a spiritual journey away from the noise to refresh and renew.